About Jugnu’s Little India

Our Story

Jugnu’s Little India is a Wellington based business. The foundations of this business are derived from Little India that was started by my brother Sukhmohan (Sukhi) Gill in Dunedin in 1991. Our first restaurant in Wellington started on Dec 24, 1997. We now have 2 restaurants in Wellington city,  a restaurant in Lower Hutt and a restaurant in the heritage building Mungavin Homestead, Porirua.  Porirua location is an ideal venue for Weddings and functions.

Wellington History

Jugnu Gill opened his first restaurant in 1997. Jugnu arrived in New Zealand from New Jersey, USA. In his working life he worked as a Systems Engineer in Information Technology for 2 large corporations. First in London and then in the USA. Jugnu has always had a passion for food and hospitality. He wanted to open a restaurant in New Jersey, but it was not practical at that time.

His siblings,  Dame Sukhinder Turner, Shammi Sandhu and brother Sukhmohan (Sukhi) Gill were already in Dunedin. Jugnu joined them in 1993.

It was a natural progression for Jugnu to help his brother with his business. Jugnu opened a restaurant in Queenstown with his siblings. and then owned and operated a Bar and Night club in Dunedin! A desire to branch out on his own eventually led him to Wellington.

Our Family

Our family comes from the Punjab region of North India.
The recipes we use have come from the kitchen of our Mother Premjit Kaur Gill.

Our Food

We cook the legendary Indian food dishes of North India, The Punjab. We also have a few signature dishes from Nepal, Goa, South India and Asia. Our careful preparation makes our Indian food beautiful to behold and addictive to the palate.

We also use traditional tandoors which have a clay pot and are fired by charcoal. This gives our naans and meat their authentic flavour.

Check out our online menu or come in to one of our restaurants today.

Good health and happiness. Enjoy!